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2. The Kit comes with ONE set of personalised learning materials for one child. If you are teaching more than one child to read you will need additional sets of personalised learning materials, one for each child and each set costs $25 extra. You can start with one and then order additional sets of learning materials later, if you wish. How many children do you want to teach to read?

One child . Learning materials included in the price; no extra charge.
Two children . Add $25 for learning materials.
Three children . Add $50 for learning materials.
Four children . Add $75 for learning materials.
Five children . Add $100 for learning materials.

3. First name and gender of each child. This information is needed to personalise the learning materials. First names only and gender. Each name on a new line.

Child's first name
 Male    Female
 Male    Female
 Male    Female
 Male    Female
 Male    Female
 Male    Female
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The Home User Kit  
Learn to Read in Nine Easy Steps Home User Kit
Initial Phonic Readers 8A and 8B  
Initial Phonic Readers 8A and 8B (bundle)
Additional Personalised Learning Materials  
Sets of learning materials, for 2 children
Sets of learning materials, for 3 children
Sets of learning materials, for 4 children
Sets of learning materials, for 5 children
Sets of learning materials, for 6 children
Phonic Readers  
Phonic Readers 1 The Swinging Kings
Phonic Readers 2 The Big Drop
Phonic Readers 3 Lost in the Fog
Phonic Readers 4 The Club Dance
Phonic Readers 5 Sandra Helps the Gang
Phonic Readers 6 At the Market
Phonic Readers 7 Bonfire Night
Phonic Readers 8 The Trap
Phonic Readers 9 The Fair
Phonic Readers 10 At the Circus
Phonic Readers 11 On the Mountain
Phonic Readers 12 The Swindle
Phonic Readers 13 Please Help
Phonic Readers 14 Happy Christmas
Phonic Readers (complete set of 14)
Airmail within Australia
Airmail to USA and other countries

(Kit + Learning Materials + Phonic  
Readers + Postage)

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